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Star Trek Online: Season 12 - Rakoning Comis to Konsoleezz & Win a Tal Shiar Patelkrweser

To celebrate Star Trek Online launch: Season 12 - Rakoning, and we work together with Perfect World Entertainment and studios hidden for 5 lucky winners, T6 Thiel Shyar gives Patrol Warrior to Star Trek Online on Xbox One.

Season 12 - Rakoning for the first time on consoles

Last week, the 12-year-old was released to play Mmorabg Star Trek Online on PlayStation 4 and Sboks and play keyboards. The last chapter of the saga brings Sto new villain, and Tsenkithi, the possibilities of a new wording, new and distinctive ring, signs and ports where the team captain has to fight Lukar and Klingon Tzenkita forces.

Win T6 Tel Shyar conditioning Patelkrweser

Head over to Facebook Facebook TrekMovie.com about the game, and then wish to respond and win on one of the 5 class 6 Khlinaa Class Patelkrweserz! This ship is one of the many used to greatly impact the shawl high. It uses a variant of technology treacherous sponsor to sabotage the weapons of the enemy ship - promoting automatic indoctrination Nanette dispersion system. This spacecraft includes Lt. Tactical / Intel Bridge Officer and Commander Lieutenant or Science / Command Officer, Station Officer Station.

Ship details

   ▶Faction: Everyone

   ▶Category: 6

   ▶Availability: store lobby

   ▶Ranking required: Commodore, First Admiral or Commodore (Level 40)

   ▶Rump strength: 42,000 at the 40 level 48300 50 level 56,000 at the level of 60

   ▶Shield rate: 1.3

  ▶ As soon as Abonz: 4

   ▶Back weapons: 4

   ▶Device slots: 4

   ▶Officers stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical / Intel 1, Lieutenant Commander of Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Commander of Science / Leadership, 1 World Humanized 1, the world leader in the field of

   ▶Console changes: 3 Tactical 4 Technology 4 Science

   ▶Base rate in succession: 7 degrees per second

   ▶Rush rate: 0.15

   ▶Inertia: 30

   ▶10+ 10+ energy and shield to help

   ▶Console - Universal - Enhancement of Indoctrination Nanette Spread System

   ▶Sensor analysis

   ▶Hide your identity

   ▶Can double ducts be loaded

   ▶The spacecraft master package (Patelkrweser)

       Paint absorption (+/- resistance to physical damage and motor)

       Banks improved weapons (+/- critical risk)

       Improved lamination (+/- resistant energy damage)

       Armored hull (+/- hp maximum)

   ▶Energy courses deserted (spacecraft function)

   ▶Pilot Command Array

       Leadership - Strategic Maneuver

       Leadership - Shield Frequency Modulation

       Leadership - efficient weapon system