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Star Trek Online War Games 5v5 new space for the leaders of the rival

The continuing story of the war Tzenkita, launched a perfect world of entertainment in the 13th season of free Mamo play, Star Trek Online earlier this week. In addition to the new story content, this update adds more special layers of equipment, modification of compatibility, and balance in the various games, and the development of the new war games where the teams of five players compete in the challenges Bev possess.

Mix all of the fighting and solve the puzzle trials, and there are currently two war games on offer: Core Assault and Bilateral Circuit. Core Assault is a space trial, with players passing through the depths of the space station to see which team can first cross the finish. Bilateral circle is the land trial, with the captain to solve a series of puzzles and challenges while caught in a cube tower.

Completing these challenges will lead to the opening of new ships specific quality and other goodies. In order to achieve a balance between these war games, Star Trek Online Player has introduced a new system that should match players of a similar level. There was also a big rebalance of space combat game, which should hopefully lead ships to the top and bottom of the power of the game in the line curve.

As for the content of the story, and "smoke and mirrors" a new episode has space leaders to work together with Lukare to stop the progress Tzenkita. Located on a planet of the new Quintar, Star Trek Online Credits players explore the bustling city when they can discover Lukar something to hide. You must set your Vasrs to kill when searching in the streets of the medium-sized city.