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Burg has invaded the Star Trek timesheet

Each month May the popular Star Trek App Star Trek contest schemes is a tower event. Deposit invasion from all sides and it is up to the players to see them go out. There are calls for help to respond, and weekly events, and jumps Borg. We are not sure what Borg calls Gundtlat, but we think it's worse than Klingon with sticks pain.

Star Trek was a great success schedule, the first Star Trek under the title of the application, you have the power of real survival. Schedules for the first time in more than a year, and remains strong. So if you are looking for a Star Trek game this may be your best bet now from Star Trek Online.

While Star Trek Online is a great game some people do not like Mamo shape. Some players just do not have time to cast in a big online game like Star Trek Online with Star Trek Online Credits. For them, Star Trek schemes can be the answer. Schemes for both operating systems yos and android are available in the store for two applications. This means that you can play schedules on your phone or tablet computer, take them everywhere.

Burg event shows for Star Trek timetable that the developer Deerooptor bundle does not make a game Star Trek alone with a jump of some instant cash from the Ibb known plan and then proceed. Deerooptor bundle is dedicated to creating a game that will grow in time.

Even if you're still not going to the Star Trek schedules the month of May there's a great opportunity to do that. Why not pack the Queen's Tower and the Borg cube and see what you can do? We will jump in ourselves and publish a full review of the event next week, and it's time to go to Red Alert!