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Season 13 - Upgrade Expansion is now available for Star Trek Online Keyboards

Captains of Star Trek Online, you should now get all the latest updates to get into the game. But what will happen to the modernization of season 13 - the escalation of table players venture capitalists boldly through the galaxy? Well, we'll tell ...

Provides updated season 13 - widening new casual content and features at no cost, free game play at Star Trek Online. Those who are still playing this Mmorabg can participate in two new, first, "mirrors and smoke," exploring the planet's old home captain Komarkiy, the New Quintar, where the captain joins Lukare's mission. Nothing goes smooth anyway because Tznkithi turns to cause problems and threaten to obscure the planet's moon. The second episode, "Survivor," concludes the story of Silas Empress Romulus Star Empire - and featuring sound work by Dennis Cosby, who featured the same character in Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series.

If this is not enough content for you, place war games for more five against the five competitive scenarios of Bev to attend. There will be a five-man fight to fight through two scenarios of a new, 'basic invasion' and 'bilateral circle', and gaining competitive advantage marks and evaluating Strutajim along the way.The most important attack is a scenario of space convergence that sees two of the starting points captain vying crossing the finish line space station class in Odelfos system scenario The popup layer of the bilateral circle class brings to mind the captain's test as they solve the puzzles and challenges of collaborating with the cube tower.

It is worth mentioning that for a limited time - 08 / 06-20 / 7 - to participate in the summer of Kabbat's opening ceremony, Star Trek can be online, and the Festival Ohls. The captain called the rise of the planet, which summer luxury resort where they cruise around the buoys, full of tasks, to earn tons of bonuses. These bonuses include pets, fashion, Buerbawardz and vouchers Ohlonat Award - which can be redeemed exclusively for heavy Vorjon Hivuos included [T6].