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Star Trek Online Rex-of-14 Sison with the introduction of a classic character

A new season of Star Trek Online (STO) in October / October. Next generation, fans will be a real treat as the world's perfect entertainment adds Levar Burton.

For all Star Trek fans, and now it's time to start playing Star Trek Online with Star Trek Online Credits. They bring new episodes with special sound effects striking appearance of two new ones. Star Trek: The Next Generation Personal Jjordje Niet Forge will join the adventures of the original actor Levar Burton. Will the adventures of the legendary captain not join you Jjordje Forge.

13.5 season to bring the ideal world still famous names back to the Star Trek universe in Stowe. The next generation episode titled "Beyond the Nexus." This adventure is a response to an emergency call. Captain's history is not managed to save the crew Forge from his mind. The episode is associated with the release of the new Galaxy interior of the class in the game. And will also be available uniform from the first season and a shuttle model 7 of the TV series.

This new season is about your PC in October. The first episode will be available on September 12th to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The second episode appeared "melting pot" will be legendary. You will not join Forge Captain Kumark to explore a new world with fresh Quintara reunion, members of Lukare. Captain Komarkiy by Cable Brown. This is a struggle for the survival of the new colony.

Changes in the game will be epic. These changes include a new fleet in the Lukare colony new Quintara on a large scale. Five levels of progress with great rewards for fleets. There will be a red alarm Tzenkita added to a new challenge for the players to give. A new fleet carrying defensive lines helps fleets protect themselves from potential risks.

The ideal world is to add the new major specialization, the "miracle dancer". The details will be released in the official start of the next season, 14 in October. Captains get ready to play this in addition to the legendary Stowe.