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The Star Trek Online Season 13.5 have been launched

Get ready to return to space, as Star Trek released upgraded season 13 with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Mid-Season update was intended to highlight Martok's special look that starred actor Star Trek J.G. Hertzler, as well as a brand new IndaFore system and much more. The online video developer blog (below), producer Star Trek online Steve Rixosa, tells the daily updates.

For more information on the update and what's up, be sure to check out the official summary below: With the 13.5 opening keys on the keyboard, players will find an exciting thrilling "Prosper". Combined with legendary legend Roddick (with Tony Tod's voice), they joined the Klingon forces to rescue an important prisoner who was kept secret. The captured is the famous Martok, played by J. Hertzler, who grew up in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Captain must work quickly to remove Calian's head of the Sula plant without paying attention to Tzenkethi.

Mid-season upgrade also includes two new Star Trek Online Credits games on Xbox One and PlayStation4: Endavor System - Captain 60. The level can be rewarded every week by filling the challenges with the new Endeavor system. The Ferringhi Trade Alliance Admiralty - The Game Admiralty System has been updated to include a new campaign to help the captain get deals and merchandise through the Ferringhi trade alliance. This new feature is available on all main levels 52 and above.

Star Trek Online is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.