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Star Trek Online presents its season 14, entitled Emergence

Star Trek Online presents its season 14, entitled Emergence. It is already available on PC.

We've already talked about Emergence, season 14 of Star Trek Online. On the program, a colony exploration on a vast world and LeVar Burton which takes again its role well known to the fans of Geordi La Forge appeared in 1987 in Star Trek: the new generation.

A new episode therefore that offers you a new story, but that's not all. Indeed, players will be able to build a large-scale building, the largest they have ever had to explore on Star Trek Online - Star Trek Online Credits. In addition, the Perfect World mmorpg is equipped with a new specialization of class and bridge officer: the miracle worker that focuses on engineering. Players will also be able to participate in a colony defense event that should lead them to fend off hologram waves to speed up the construction of their building. You will also have to fight back the terrible invaders tzenkethi (to my wishes, thank you) in games 5 against 5.

Season 14: Emergence is already available for Star Trek Online on PC. That consoles players reassure, it will emerge very soon on the side of your very distant console galaxy!