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Season 12 - Rakoning comes to Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online has a growing fan base. Whether you play every day without fail, or if you dive in and out when you spin the spacecraft sense, and this hidden Mmorabg Studios and Perfect World Entertainment is very fun to play. He has a lot of interest from developers to work too, and not just rest on the glories of the Union. Updated announced Sboks version of the game recently released version Besi, Season 12 - Rakoning. Announced that the world of entertainment are ideal for the release date for the update.

Before coming, let's look a bit at the key features that this update contains. Season 12 - Rakoning will send players on a mission to lukare investigate the ominous new threat, feared Tzenkita. This update gives Nguiban access to a new distinctive ring craft school, two lines of space Tsenkithi and the entire battlespace.

Season 12 - ride around a striking ring, "signs and ports." It will join the captain lukare on a mission to investigate the use of weapons Brocometr in a new area of ??Alpha Quadrant. Additional evidence will lead to Tznkithi that is very intelligent, driven from the army, advanced alien species who intend deadly Brocometr use can destroy entire planets to build bomb. It will work with the legendary Klingon General Roddick, voiced by Tony Todd, to form an alliance and find a way to stop an attack Tzenkita potential disaster.

Season 12 - Rakoning also some new content opens expansive players to explore and discover, including the reputation of the initiative to restore lukare. There is also a new set of research in education units and classes, and a full battle space, and two are the two new space "Gravity kill" and "Tzenkita front."

It includes the version currently Besi new lukare ship science and T6 to lukare Ho'kuun to earn money through daily missions existence or completion of a new distinctive ring. And "Gravity Kills" Space queue shows the result of an attack on a facility Tzenkita Brocometr particles collect Hocking to drop their defenses. The "front Tzenkita" defending players ETA attack Tsenkithi Serpentis system. You can do this by converting weapons Brocometr their own against them.