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Star Trek Online Season 13 soon

"Season 13 - escalation sends players on a mission with lukare to help them re-discovery of old assets, while also deals with the immediate threat by Tznkithi The latest update for Star Trek Online continues the epic story of the story of Tzenkita war and represents a brand new system debut. war games, which includes teams of players against each other in a competitive Bev scenarios. "

"Season 13 - escalation" takes the player on a journey to discover where lukare previously came from isolation. Once you begin to understand their previous location in the galaxy, Tsenkithi fleet arrives, which poses a direct threat. In addition to these exciting events, players will also be able to participate in the war games system. This new type of queuing two teams of five people to fight head-to-head in the competitive PV scenarios.

To keep the Star Trek Online Credits players on the field so far, the introduction of a potential new player that players of similar skill will match the same games. War game system will also have a new name associated with it, including the first time ever, a certain class ship and the captain and his gear. Captains can mix and match the new equipment they earn from each class, and also have the opportunity to specialize. To support the new war games system, it was packed passed restoring the balance of the fighting on the ground and the space to make sure that no matter what chooses the captain if their skills or equipment of the ship, it is not wrong. "

Star Trek Online: Season 13 - will start the escalation of the computer on April 25 and on keyboards. "At a later time"