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Potential player for use in competitive play system

Star Trek Online site updated with new functionality to develop uses a new player in the details of a possible system of competitive play. Will determine a new feature to improve the overall experience of the protection to all players of plant varieties. This is the "behind the scenes" account and not "directly exposed to the player."

The potential of the player is determined by the equipment and specialties, and each of them used for both ground or space-based games. These are adjusted "rates" as the player competitive battles. In short, when the captain fights, and more accurate than the game, the ability of the player becomes a potential system.

It is important to note that the system is smart enough to know if you do not hear it, you ordered at that time. Loss much, or win a lot in quick succession giving the player the possibility of a radical change, where the system is less confidence in your current location. This leads to the ability to put you where you will have a more competitive and faster experience and also you need Star Trek Online Credits.