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Star Trek: The potential players online system

This is a hot year for Strickland Trek: The online players. Invisible Studios, the developers behind Mmorabg, looking for further improvement of the line. This time with new BFF system. The player called potential name, this new feature promises more competitive advantage for PF / protection bringing play plant varieties.

Bev competitive relative to the protection of plant varieties.

Non-players BFF stands for 'player versus environment ", while PvP stands for' player versus player '. Star Trek: Online These two methods of play are exclusive to each other. You can play against the computer or against other people on the head.

But here lies the problem: Bev requires continuous updates and new maps to preserve the interests, while overcoming the protection of plant varieties is currently by some of the selected players. Neither can be a model for sustainable Mmorabg. The solution? Competitive Bev.

The new game promises to blend elements of Bev and the protection of plant varieties together. Pitting teams of players against each other to complete the tasks as a team. Shift the focus on the protection of plant varieties away from the "blow" up "action" puts less pressure on the players who are not the best equipment can be. In addition, the challenges real people will add an extra layer of excitement and opportunity for every game.

So how this new system works?

It's actually quite simple. New players are looking at the queue Bev competitive play several games at the beginning join "placement." During this time, the measurement algorithm starts all your skills and equipment of ships. After placing games, will be posted regularly make in the games with similar people where your skills.

As your skills improve, so does your player potential outcome. The idea here is that each time you win or loose, the algorithm puts you in a new game that will be more suited to your skills.

This is due to the new system comes online during the month.